Get the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome’s default new tab page is pretty redundant. Clicking the search bar just shifts focus to the already-selected URL bar. And, at least for me, the auto-generated bookmarks were rarely used.

Instead, my chrome extension just displays the current temperature and weather condition. When you hover over the degree symbol, a graph of the rain and temperature forecasts is displayed.

The preferences page allows you to change the units, all the colors and disable certain elements. It also detects your browser’s color theme preference and keeps a separate set of colors for dark mode.

The Chrome Extension replaces the new tab page with my custom page. It operates just like any other web page except that it has access to Chrome’s storage API. This is synced across devices with your Google account and is where user preferences are kept.

I’m hoping to add some widgets with things like bookmarks and Google Calendar and Tasks integrations.