R e s u m e

Rohan Menon

An engineering student with a focus on embedded devices, sensors, and wireless technologies who thrives in fast-paced, collaborative environments.

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University of Washington · Class of Fall 2023

2021 - Present

Electrical and Computer Engineering

UW Sensor Systems Laboratory with Prof. Joshua Smith

2022 - Present

Worked on WISP, a family of batteryless sensors that are powered by and communicate entirely through UHF RFID power harvesting and backscatter.

  • Developed hardware and embedded firmware for the next generation of WISP sensors and desktop software for developing applications with WISP devices
  • Presented our work at EnsSys 2022, a workshop at ACM SenSys
  • R. Menon, R. Gujarathi, A. Saffari, J. Smith, “Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform Version 6.0”, EnsSys 2022

Lake Submersible with Prof. William Keat

Summer 2019

Worked with Professor Keat of Union College in his mechanical engineering lab on a ballast-controlled submersible designed to explore and photograph a local lake.

  • Explored magnetometer-based sensing to locate a sunken car
  • Coordinated with Union’s Geosciences Department for our in-field test

Technical Design Lead · NY STEAM Bus

2016 - 2021

A student-founded and led school bus retrofitted with STEAM education technology that produces and teaches lessons to middle and elementary school students.

  • Designed initial school bus retrofit and took part in its physical renovation
  • Responsible for technology used in student lessons and for operating the program


2020 - 2021

A system to localize and identify ambient noises and present them to a user through a wearable device.

  • Developed a 3D sound localization algorithm using a microphone array with phase shift estimation and created a heads-up display to communicate this information to a user
  • Received Highest Honors at the STANYS science and engineering fair


2018 - 2020

Ultra low power, real-time, stream and river monitoring devices with a battery life of up to one year in the field.


  • Digital circuit design, PCB design
  • Cellular/LoRa/RFID devices
  • Low power sensing systems
  • CAD and rapid prototyping


  • Python, Java, R
  • Embedded C/C++, Assembly language
  • Desktop app development
  • Web development - JS (React, Node)