Temperate Privacy Policy

Temperate uses your location to provide you with real time weather information. Using the options page, you have control over the information Temperate uses to determine your location.

By default, Temperate uses your public IP address to approximate your location. The user has the opportunity to enable precise location services for Temperate. This uses the HTML5 geolocation API to request the current location of the user. Finally, a user may opt to directly provide the latitude and longitude coordinates used to retrieve weather information. The location information provided is sent to a Temperate server where it is used to retrieve weather information for your location. This weather information is sent back to your device, where it is displayed in the form of the live temperature, and forecast graphs.

Your location information may be cached on your local device, but the location information sent to a Temperate server is never stored, nor is it used for any other purpose outside of retrieving weather information.