Experimenting with type design

Houdini Trio font

Houdini Trio is the font used for the headings and path-style text throughout my website. At the moment, it only has the lowercase Latin alphabet along with the forward slash. I’m working on adding numbers and basic punctuation soon.

It’s a tri-space font, meaning that its letters occupy one of 3 possible widths. For example, the ‘i’, ‘d’, and ‘m’ characters occupy small, medium, and large widths respectively.

On the site, it’s used alongside Atkinson Hyperlegible for body text.


Fofana font

Fofana is a highly condensed handwriting font that I designed to be very playful. It is far from complete, with only letters A-Z in upper and lower case available. The kerning needs to be manually adjusted, or if you have the option, use optical kerning. That being said, you can download it here.


Dini font

Dini is a blocky, all caps font. I’ve only created letters A-Z and basic punctuation. Again, it’s really just the letterforms I created. Here’s the download.