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R e s u m e P D F

Rohan Menon

An engineering student deeply interested in embedded devices, sensors, and wireless technologies who thrives in fast-paced, collaborative environments.

2021 - Present

University of Washington · Class of Fall 2023

Electrical and Computer Engineering

2022 - Present

UW Sensor Systems Laboratory with Prof. Joshua Smith

Worked on WISP, a family of batteryless sensors that are powered by and communicate entirely through UHF RFID power harvesting and backscatter.

Summer 2019

Lake Submersible with Prof. William Keat

Worked with Professor Keat of Union College in his mechanical engineering lab on a ballast-controlled submersible designed to explore and photograph a local lake.

  • Explored magnetometer-based sensing to locate a sunken car
  • Coordinated with Union’s Geosciences Department for our in-field test
2016 - 2021

Technical Design Lead · NY STEAM Bus

A student-founded and led school bus retrofitted with STEAM education technology that produces and teaches lessons to middle and elementary school students.

  • Designed initial school bus retrofit and took part in its physical renovation
  • Responsible for technology used in student lessons and for operating the program
2020 - 2021


A system to localize and identify ambient noises and present them to a user through a wearable device.

  • Developed a 3D sound localization algorithm using a microphone array with phase shift estimation and created a heads-up display to communicate this information to a user
  • Received Highest Honors at the STANYS science and engineering fair
2018 - 2020


Ultra low power, real-time, stream and river monitoring devices with a battery life of up to one year in the field.


  • Digital circuit design, PCB design
  • Cellular/LoRa/RFID devices
  • Low power sensing systems
  • CAD and rapid prototyping


  • Python, Java, R
  • Embedded C/C++, Assembly language
  • Desktop app development
  • Web development - JS (React, Node)